Prof.Paul Treacy Founder

Master Instructor 9th Degree LKD / 9th Degree Jiu Jitsu

Professor Paul Treacy is the founder of the LKD combat system, senior instructor and founder of our academy. He has been studying martial arts for over 50 years and teaching for 30+ years. He has travelled the world teaching LKD combat to the security industry, general public and other martial artists. He has worked as a bodyguard to various celebrities such as Robbie Williams, Jason Donovan, Slash from Guns n Roses, the band Blur, Jordan others. Paul has appeared on TV over the years teaching and demonstrating his amazing skills and speed, including 'The Big Breakfast show and
'The James Whale show'. He has been featured in various martial arts magazines and the local press many times discussing aspects of the martial arts and his history in the arts. When time permits, he works with various actors and directors helping to choreograph fight scenes for independent film and TV projects.
He holds master level in several arts including Jiu Jitsu and Wing Chun; and is known in the world of martial arts for his incredible speed, power, and deep knowledge of the arts.
Paul has a very theatrical exciting way of teaching his students drawing from his vast knowledge and skills. He is often referred to as a 'teachers teacher', and has travelled the world over the years teaching on many international courses. If you would like to train with Master Treacy on a one-to-one basis or in a group class, just contact the academy and learn from one of the leading teachers around today.


Shihan Panos Georghiou

Master Instructor 6th Degree Jiu Jitsu / 7th Degree LKD

Shihan Panos Georghiou has been studying martial arts for over 40 years. He was a Judo competitor and winner of many trophies in his younger years. He then moved on to learn other arts and became a Black sash 3rd level in Wing Chun in the late 90's and studied American Kenpo.
He holds the rank of 6th degree in Senshi Jiu Jitsu with the teaching title of Shihan and holds the title of Sigung and the rank of 7th Degree in LKD. Panos is a popular instructor and has a vast amount of knowledge which he shares with enthusiasm at the academy where he teaches every week.


Sifu Josh Rinderspacher

Senior Instructor 1st Degree Black Sash LKD / Black belt 1st degree Jiu Jitsu

Sifu Josh has been a student of the LKD combat system and Jiu Jitsu for over 10 years and holds the rank of black belt in both arts. He also has extensive knowledge in the art of Kali and has a Black Belt in Shotokan Karate. Although now based in America, he travels back to the UK to continue his studies with Master Treacy. Josh has opened an American branch of our academy in Florida teaching LKD combat and Senshi Jiu Jitsu. Josh is a senior member of our teaching team at the academy.


Sensei Norman Areh

Instructor Black Belt 1st Degree Senshi Jiu Jitsu

Norman has been studying Jiu Jitsu for over 7 years and holds the rank of Black belt 1st degree. He spent many years studying boxing and other martial arts, but found Jiu Jitsu to be the art for him. He shows great patience and care while helping and assisting the junior grades and teaches with passion for the art, Norman is a member of our teaching team.


Sihing George Agathangelou

Assistant Instructor Dragon Warrior classes

George has a background in Penchak Silat and Hap Kune Do amongst other arts he has trained in over the last 35 years. George was formerly in the police force for 11years and was awarded commendations for bravery. He has worked as a close protection officer arranging security for various VIP's and currently heads up a security team in Mayfair, London. George is a member of our teaching team, teaching the Dragon Warrior kids classes