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St. Andrews CE primary school, 116 Churchbury Lane ( HEATHS CLOSE ENTRANCE), Enfield, London, , EN1 3UL.


Hello, and welcome to Paul Treacy’s academy of Martial Arts, the leading martial arts academy in Enfield. We are conveniently based in the town area, a short 5 min walking distance from the Enfield town train station. Please call us for more information, our team will be happy help and answer all your questions.

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Tel: 07506702267

Dragon Warriors


We run kids classes three times per week with more classes being added very soon.
Kids learn discipline, respect and focus . The training programme has been created especially for children aged 7-13 Yrs old. They make new friends get fit and healthy and learn valuable lessons to take into adult hood. The classes consist of fun energetic drills based on martial arts skills as part of the warm up and then move onto the training syllabus. Parents have seen an improvement in their child's study habits and school grades, which is one of the many benefits to a child studying a martial art.

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LKD Combat System

LOONG (Dragon) KEUN (Fist) DO (Way)
LKD is a modern scientific mixed martial art, created to be pertinent in a modern world.
This system was created back in 1984 and has been taught world wide to the genral public,
police ,security and militry personnel. LKD uses concepts from arts our founder has studied ,such as wing chun ,Jiu Jitsu ,kick boxing, Kali and much more. This is the art to study if your looking for fast results,and street effective techniques. No experience is required,and if you already study another art, this system will enhance your existing skills and add a whole lot more to your repertoire.

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Senshi Jiu Jitsu Ryu


We teach classes for beginners and advanced. Our form of Jiu Jitsu is based on Juko ryu and Aikijitsu. Japanese Jiu Jitsu is the mother art of Aikido, Judo and Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. Created and developed over many years by the Samurai, the art uses locks ,throws,strikes and pressure points to subdue one or more attackers. As well as empty hand techniques the student will also learn kobudo weapons such as the staff, nunchaku,katana and other weapons as they progress through the syllabus.

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If your looking for just self defence or a short self defence work shop, we offer those too.
No previous experience is required, ladies only courses are held on week days or week ends. We work on bringing the best self defence and martial arts workshops to the public.
We teach you realistic techniques that work. and have been taught many self defence work shops for Enfield council and other groups with great success. All our classes /work shops are fun,effective and educational.

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What People Say

"I always struggled to find some one to teach me, but then found Master Treacy,he reassured me that I could undertake this journey in learning a martial art. I have found each session a challenge ,but catered to my abilities and so I am able to develop my skills at an encouraging rate. I find Master Treacy very adaptable to my disability and he constantly finds new ways to aide in my development . I believe through this way of study my disability has not held me back . I recently was tested for my yellow sash, which is my third grade in LKD Combat system."

Joey Sroka

"Master Paul Treacy’s abilities and fortitude in the martial arts are unique. I have had the distinguished pleasure of training with some of the top masters around the world and he is up there with the best. He is a true and shining light as an ambassador of martial arts. His style is a phenomenal self defence training programme which has enhanced my own skills and training massively;a true master of his craft."

Andy Gallagher

"As a professional close protection officer I have a high standard to details and professionalism.Having served in the army for many years I know the demands of being physically fit and disciplined. I highly recommend the phenomenal skills of Master Paul Treacy. If you want to learn a real no nonsense self defence system then this is the guy to train with."

Paul Hemmings

Paul Treacy's Academy of Martial Arts - Martial Arts Classes in Enfield, London

About Us

All our instructors are experienced, professional and passionate about what they teach, bringing their best to each and every class. Adults and Children’s martial arts classes are run separately, and private classes can be booked but by appointment only.
Come along and try one of our classes and have everything to gain. Look out for our offers and discount on classes and merchandise.

The academy has everything you will need to help with your training, from striking shields to wooden dummies. We have a strong team of instructors who will give you all the encouragement and advice that you may need in each and every class.

Thank you for your interest in the academy , we look forward to training you soon.

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St. Andrews CE primary school
116 Churchbury Lane ( HEATHS CLOSE ENTRANCE)
Enfield, London


  Telephone: 07506702267

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